All this has happened before...

I suppose this is another ‘so I’m starting’ post. Fair enough. Looking at the content of the last (first) post I see some irony. Perhaps my context collapsed so much I had nothing to say? The reality is simpler.

I note that my last entry was on June 1, shortly before I left the Saron Lab at UC Davis for my present position back home in Australia. I now have the honour and great joy of working for the Graduate Research School at Western Sydney University as the senior lecturer on the Master of Research (MRes) programme. With all good intentions and some eight draft blog posts ready to go, the whirl of moving a family to a different continent and starting a new teaching position got the better of me. It’s only now, just short of six months after starting at Western Sydney, that I find myself with the time to even log back in here (and renew my hosting!). So, here I am. And this time, because of my position teaching the MRes core units (of which I will say more in another post), I would like to use this site properly. As I said in my last post, blogs can have their own place in academic production, particularly as a middle ground between writing for public new media and writing for scholarly publication. Also, for those engaged in teaching, blogs/pages can serve as ways to further explore ideas brought up in the classroom. Plus I also like the practice what you preach thing.

So, for 2017 it’s back to writing professionally more, starting here, and using that writing to help promote learning.

End of line…


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